Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Catnip Option is HERE!

Catnip Katpons have been for sale on Etsy for a couple of weeks now, and I've already gotten several orders. The feedback from everyone who's received their booty has been great - I absolutely love knowing people are enjoying my designs!

Just listed on Etsy is the latest addition to the catnip clan - the Catnip Topsy Turvy!  Be the first to get your paws on one of these rolling wonders and make your neighbors jealous.

Catnip is great fun for a lot of cats, but because it's the essential oils in the herb that causes the effect, even high quality catnip eventually wears out. Since giving my customers the best quality toy for their money is my primary concern, I always test my designs without catnip to make sure they will remain a favorite with your cat even after the high wears off. To read more about the Knotty Kat Philosophy of Catnip, see my shop policies.