Monday, April 27, 2009

Topsy Turvy Wins!

After 2 weeks of anticipation, "The Thing" has gotten a new, permanent name: Topsy Turvy. Michelle of Creative Critters suggested the name and will receive her toy of choice from the Knotty Kat Kreations line.

A huge thank you to everyone who suggested a name! The knottier side of me was tempted by many of them (I still think of some and giggle), but, alas, even the creator of Katpons can only push the envelope so far.

In other breaking news, the shops and the blog will be down while I spend the first half of the summer working in Uganda. I'm soooo excited about the trip, but in order to prepare, I will stop accepting orders on May 3. Get your orders in while you can!

And finally, Knotty Girl Kreations went international this week! I'm now shipping darn near everywhere, so if you were disappointed by my "Convo me about international shipping" cop-out before, the situation has been resolved. Come one, come all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Contest: Name "The Thing"

As I promised a few days ago, I've released the newest cat toy in my Knotty Kat Kreations line. This thing is a hoot - it looks a bit like the classic kid's toy top, and my cats love it! It rolls, wobbles, and spins around. The knobs on the ends make perfect grips for cat paws (also comfortable for carrying in the mouth, if you prefer).

I love having catchy, slightly wacky names for my cat toys, but I've drawn a total blank on this thing. Fortunately, I'm not above asking for help! So here's the deal: add a comment to this posting with your suggestion for name. On April 26th I'll choose the best name and the person who suggested it will get their choice of one cat toy from my Etsy store (does not include gift basket) FREE! To sweeten the deal even more, the winner can choose to purchase additional toys at the same time and pay no shipping!

In the event that no suitable name is found, the winner of the contest will be randomly selected from all entries.

For more information on "The Thing," click here.

PLEASE READ: If you post anonymously, please leave me some kind of information that can be used to reach you in case you win - even if it's your Etsy or ArtFire ID. Thank you!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coming Soon to Knotty Girl Kreations

Two new projects are in the works for shop. For Knotty Kid Kreations, the first of what I hope will be a series of baby mobiles. Each critter on the mobile will be easily detachable in case baby wants a quick snuggle with one of his friends.

For Knotty Kat Kreations, a new stuffed toy for the four-leggers. Prototypes are being tested, recommendations are coming in from the Knotty Kat Test team, and the final product should be released over the weekend. This thing is great - it rolls, it's chewy, and it's got paw-friendly gripping spots, but it doesn't have a name! I plan to mark the release of the new "Thing" with a contest here on the blog to pick a name for it. The winner will receive their choice of one cat toy FREE from the shop!

In other news, I'm working on creating a new, unifying theme for the shop, the blog, and my Twitter page (click on the Twitter link in the side bar to follow me!). I can't wait to get the new look of Knotty Girl Kreations launched!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring hats for her first Easter

Maybe it's my biological clock ticking, maybe it's spring in general, or maybe it's just fond memories of how much I always looked forward to that special "Easter" outfit each year as a little girl, but I've been making very feminine, lacy hats for little ones lately. The lavender one reminds me strongly of my own childhood (I was a purple fiend), and I think the white and yellow looks wonderfully springy!

"Lavender Lace" was listed on Etsy this afternoon and "Daffodils and Lace" will be listed on Sunday, April 5th. They can also be found on ArtFire as of this afternoon.