Monday, April 27, 2009

Topsy Turvy Wins!

After 2 weeks of anticipation, "The Thing" has gotten a new, permanent name: Topsy Turvy. Michelle of Creative Critters suggested the name and will receive her toy of choice from the Knotty Kat Kreations line.

A huge thank you to everyone who suggested a name! The knottier side of me was tempted by many of them (I still think of some and giggle), but, alas, even the creator of Katpons can only push the envelope so far.

In other breaking news, the shops and the blog will be down while I spend the first half of the summer working in Uganda. I'm soooo excited about the trip, but in order to prepare, I will stop accepting orders on May 3. Get your orders in while you can!

And finally, Knotty Girl Kreations went international this week! I'm now shipping darn near everywhere, so if you were disappointed by my "Convo me about international shipping" cop-out before, the situation has been resolved. Come one, come all!

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