Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Me, my shop, and I

My newly relaunched store is on its way to becoming more than it ever imagined it could be in 2006 when I first opened an Etsy account with the help of my four-legged inspiration, Laz. I joined Etsy back then at the urging of an old roommate who had a boyfriend involved with the site's tech crew. I posted a couple of things (purses, if I remember correctly) that never sold and more or less forgot about the site as I became immersed in my master's degree project.

Fast forward nearly three years and I've finished the master's, acquired a fantastic boyfriend and step cat, moved a bit farther east to Atlanta, and I've reopened the store. Knotty Girl Kreations is getting a face lift and a whole new inventory. Just this past week I sold to my first three customers, and I can't wait to find out if their cats enjoyed their toys as much as the Knotty Kat Test Team did! Probably the best thing about finally having customers was the fun of hearing about their cats' personalities and quirks. I love knowing that the teal-colored Squiggle is going to coordinate perfectly with Rufus's fur, and imagining Chester thoughtfully dunking his Squiggle in his water bowl before bringing it back to his favorite human to throw again.

Check back here and at the store regularly -- the Dear Boyfriend (DB) should be finishing up the new banner for the store any day now!

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