Sunday, March 29, 2009

Knotty Girl Kreations Hits

While looking at some other crafty blogs online last night, I found a reference to It seems to be a fairly new site that works just like Etsy, except it doesn't charge you to list or sell up to 10 items at a time. It is possible to list more items, but for that you need a paid account with a flat fee of $20 per month. The other major difference is that buyers are not required to register. I can see how this might help attract some customers, but I don't think most people are really bothered by registering on sites online these days. Not a bad site, although I admit I like the look and feel of Etsy a lot more.

Click on the banner on the right side bar to take a look in person!


  1. I set up an account on there, but I only put a couple of things in the shop. One thing I've noticed is that lots of people who are using ArtFire are using the RapidCart feature on their blogs, so anyone reading the blog can shop right from there. That's one benefit to not having to register.

  2. Thanks for the tip, MaryLou! I remember seeing something about that, but it completely slipped my mind! Will definitely check into that!

  3. I joined Artfire yesterday, and I'm impressed with it. I managed to get the $7/month for life account, and I see this morning that they are now offering $12/month accounts, although i don't know how many they have available.

    I have also come across the rapid cart feature on a few blogs. It's a good idea :)

  4. ArtFire is rapidly growing - when I first signed up ($7/month) I did a LOT of self-promoting, and had 10 sales in the first month - but those were a direct result of my promotions (twitter, blogging, etc). Now this past week I had my first "random" sale on ArtFire - no result of my promotions. Also, I get a lot of views from Google searches - it will show up in the real-time stats in your shop, showing the search thread. I love that (no need to go to Google Analytics just to see how they found you)
    By the way - is that black cat of yours one that I painted? I did a black cat for "Knothead" that looks a lot like yours.

  5. Hi Christy - Haven't had a portrait of Laz done, so it wasn't me. Laz is very much of a "type" though, the classic black alley cat. I see strays around my apartment all the time that look enough like him to make me run back inside a look for him!

    I really need to do some more promo for ArtFire. Since all my sales have been on Etsy, I tend to promote it more, so it has more sales ... you see how it goes. I've even considered dividing up my product lines between the shops, leaving Knotty Kats on Etsy and moving Knotty Kids to ArtFire. Need to do more pondering.